President's Welcome

Welcome! Selamat Datang!


As the 2020 elected President of the International Women’s Association Johor Bahru, I warmly welcome you to IWA Johor Bahru!


The International Women’s Association of Johor Bahru, consists of almost one hundred members from 28 different countries, making IWA Johor Bahru a truly diverse international association of women.


This diversity, in its growing number, underlines the important role played by IWA in serving as a transition post, a meeting point, an information hub for women residing in Malaysia.


With the present membership, representing 28 different cultures, the cultural enrichment each member experiences by being part of our IWA is immeasurable.


Our main focus in 2019 will continue to be the enhancement of member services to make our stay here in Malaysia meaningful and enjoyable.


We will achieve this by regularly holding activities that are not only informative and entertaining but are also cultural, motivational and educational.


We will continue to hold the much-loved Coffee Mornings, the well-attended Cooking Classes, our IWA Book Club, the much-anticipated Photography Club, and in addition to these, we will continue to organise a variety of day trips and other events that all aim to develop lasting friendships and make life easier here in Johor Bahru.


Malaysia is a beautiful country and with IWA Johor Bahru, you can expect that your stay here will be at its best and most enjoyable!


Sincerely yours,




Sincerely yours, 
Saira Jethnani