Connecting, Caring and Contributing is the mission statement of the IWA and acts of charity are one of the ways we look to achieve these goals.

“ Charity begins at home “  Proverb

Our first charity therefore is our own members and their families. The primary function of the IWA is to connect and support expatriate women living in Johor Bahru, helping to ease their transition into a new life in Malaysia, emotionally, socially and culturally.

The IWA wider charity work strives to encompass and embrace charity in all its forms, caring and contributing to the community which we now call our home.

The IWA is dedicated to actively search for ways to contribute to the local community. Raising and donating money or goods is one form of charity that is always needed and greatly appreciated. Giving time and expertise is another; sometimes this is the most valuable gift as many charities are in desperate need of hands on support and personal contact.

Connecting directly with the local community enables us to forge a meaningful and lasting relationships. We are able to make a tangible, positive difference to  the lives of those in need and in doing so, bring together people of different cultures and backgrounds from different parts of the world.